Inspire thinking out of the box

Bring ideas to life using sketching tools – transforming them rapidly into implemented user experiences.


Conojo puts you in control of the prototyping process.


 Empower Your Ideas To Become Powerful Prototypes

 Finding Ideas


Sketch out ideas – using low-fi tools to give expression to your ideas and inspirations.

Drawing Tools

  Growing Ideas

website wireframe sketch and programming code on digital tablet

Create and share wireframes, prototype sketches and make corrections directly on any file.

Wireframing Tools

  Sharing Ideas

Designers Working At Desks In Modern Office

Feedback improves the final design and reduces the need for changes during development.

Collaboration Tools


Most Ideas Start With A Sketch

Your Inspiration Demands Expression – Drawing Out Ideas Is The Best Way To Start Your Project


Creative Inspiration Made Simple Using Stylus And Tablet

Make Low Tech Sexy Again


Four step formula creating great and happy products with Conojo

1. Inspiration Is The Foundation

Convert your brainstormed ideas of the solution into mock-ups, factoring in user experience standards and best practices using the Conojo whiteboard and state of the art drawing tools.

2.Expand Ideas Beyond Limits

Share the prototype with users and evaluate whether it meets their needs and expectations. Use Conojo’s messaging and meeting set up to connect with team members, clients and stakeholders and accelerate the feedback process.

3.Design For The Future

Based on feedback, identify areas that need to be refined or further defined and clarified. Reworking your initial sketches using annotation tools and pre defined shapes makes it easy to get new ideas and improve upon through the feedback of your team.

4.Final Implementation Score

Deciding when your prototype is done depends on you and how discriminating you and your clients are. To improve your idea repeat these four steps until all stake holders are satisfied

The Three Core Skills Of Highly Creative Developers

Quickly evaluating ideas and concepts is essential for any creative developer or designer. Conojo is the perfect platform to bring together the three core skills which makes it easy to see the value of ideas.

Rapid Visualization Of Ideas

Designers pick up paper and pen when giving form to their ideas. Conojo’s Whiteboard transforms your mobile app into a sketch pad on steroids. Choose from a complex drawing suite and annotation tools. Finding the right detail is an important step in making the idea real. Often referred to as LOW FI – simplicity is the power of this phase to quickly identify the value of ideas and concepts.

Concept Verification

Testing your idea and seeing the underlying story of your product and how it will engage the user is key in seeing hidden design challenges. Conojo takes your project on the next level.

If you are modeling a work flow of how you are working with your team or showing the detailed layout you created.

Upload any file to Conojo workspaces and make corrections, showing ideas or alternate solutions, as if you are sketching on the finished product. This enables any stakeholder or team member to give feedback and come with alternate solutions.

Project Focused Team Collaboration

Invite select team members to your workspaces and visual engage them through through visually interacting. Facilitating meetings with Conojo is easy, showing changes on your files is always safe and invites fast and easy feedback.


The Simplest Way To Open Up to New Possibilities

Idea mapping
Workflow Presentations
Client Presentations
Layout Corrections

Prototyping Is The Essential Blueprint For Your Creativity

Sharing Ideas And Getting Visual Feedback Shows You The Endless Possibilities Of A Good Idea

Upload Any File And Visually Explain Changes And Functions Of Your Concepts and Ideas 

Faster Feedback Improves Your Final Product


Creative control over all your projects

Clients want creative engagement. Showing your sketches. prototypes or video scenes with Conojo invites the client to show and tell using the simple and easy to use drawing and feedback tools.

Meet with your team and clients to discuss real live changes to your project.


Easy to keep ideas and projects moving forward with Conojo’s intuitive tools. 

Simplified Team Engagement Puts You In The Producer Seat

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