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Conojo puts you in control of the prototyping process.

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 Finding Ideas


Sketch out ideas – using low-fi tools to give expression to your ideas and inspirations.

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  Growing Ideas

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Create and share wireframes, prototype sketches and make corrections directly on any file.

Are You Creating Magic?

  Sharing Ideas

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Feedback improves the final design and reduces the need for changes during development.

3 Phases Of Creative Prototyping?



Show me what you mean

What Is Lo-fidelity?

Lo-fidelity might be as simple as basic sketches using the Conojo Whiteboard which can be easy edited and amended.

Lo-fidelity also allows clients themselves to communicate their ideas whilst feeling a sense of ownership.

At early stages you can identify the value of your idea and how to bring it to life.

What Is Mid-fidelity?

Mid-fidelity takes your idea one step further demonstrating how your site, app or any visual plan is going to feel to use typically through prototyping.

It does not require the bels and whistles that come with Hi-fidelity.

Conojo makes it easy to sketch and annotate changes and improvements and keep easily keep track of new version and addition to the original idea.

What Is Hi-fidelity?

This is the more detailed phase in the rapid prototyping process, this stage usually displays actual styling complete menus and real text and images.

These wire frames are rendered in specialty softwares like photoshop or similar graphics applications and than uploaded to Conojo’s workspace.

Adding additional detailed clarifications and functions can be simply added to the uploaded wireframe-concept, The clear benefit of this stage is that the actual wireframe is not influenced and all new finding can be simple integrated.

Hi-fidelity wireframes require detail and intricacy, it is easy to make this the scope and eliminate the creative workflow .

Remember: this is only the blueprint for your site or app, not the final product.

Ready to go beyond the limit


Idea mapping
Workflow Presentations
Client Presentations
Layout Corrections

“This is what a whiteboard app should be. It combines a whiteboard with a social app with a video app to form one cohesive business tool”.

John McNamara

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Your Inspiration Demands Expression

The premier platform to collaborate and design productive workflows from idea to prototype.

Creative Inspiration Made Simple Using Stylus And Tablet

9 ‘Must Haves’ of great prototyping tools

“If drawing out your ideas or sketches wireframes, diagrams or mind maps on your iPad is the way you brain storm Conojo can accommodate you. It’s designed to help you whiteboard freely and has tools to draw, expand on and export your ideas.”


Three questions Conojo helps you to answer:

Courageous designers never stop sharing and showing their ideas. Looking for inspiration Conojo is your virtual drawing pad to sketch and map ideas.

Collaborate seamless with team member and clients accelerates  your creative workflow which is the essence of fast and dynamic teams.


Simply verbally describing WHAT it is, is the first step to achieve simplicity. A picture speaks a thousand words, Conojo is the perfect platform to give voice to your idea, saving you time and lengthy explanations, simply showing what your idea is and does.

So What?


Defining relevance and simply ask the question SO WHAT is essential to explore what is the effect or impact of your idea. Does your idea expand like waves on a pond disturbed by a small impact or does it rapidly sink. Using Conojo collaboration tools makes it easy and inviting to get feedback from team members and potential customers.

Getting early input on sketches is the fastest way to arrive at a simple solution.

Successful collaboration with your team leads to faster and simpler development of ideas.

Now What?

Good ideas you can feel. They make you feel good. That ‘feel good’ principle is your guide when you plan next steps. Have the courage to to think out of the box. Upload your creative files to Conojo and annotate correct and improve them until you clearly can answer NOW WHAT?

Simplify, Engage and Explain with Conojo

Conojo has the most amazing drawing tools, coloring options and auto shapes that will help you create the perfect masterpiece.

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 Live Feedback Keeps The Buzz Of Your Project Going

Best Way To Upload Any File And Make It Easy To Engage And Get Feedback From Your Team.


Conojo Whiteboard is an innovative interactive drawing tool that makes it easy to share ideas, images, maps, and other visual creations with friends, family and colleagues. Become a visual pro in no time using the built in Conojo templates or let your creativity go wild choosing from intuitive drawing and simple import tools.

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Creative Mission Control

Keep ideas and projects moving forward with Conojo’s intuitive tools. 

Clients want creative engagement. Showing your sketches. prototypes or video scenes with Conojo invites the client to show and tell using the simple and easy to use drawing and feedback tools.

Meet with your team and clients to discuss real live changes to your project.

 Conojo Whiteboard served something new with its offered feature. Its characteristics are not limited to drawing; it also promotes a remarkable way of collaborating in between users.

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Simple Collaboration Tools Guarantee Rapid Feedback


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