Make products
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Your team makes your dream work
Conojo makes your team create in real time.

2D Canvas

3D CAD Modeling

Team 360

Real Live Push Button Feedback

It is still true: A Picture speaks a thousand words
Empower your creativity with the 2D canvas.
Free hand pens and brushes.
Upload any visual file to annotate and show corrections.
Use our the preloaded templates to show strategy or explore brainstorming possibilities with our 'stormboards'.

The majority of the population are Visual Thinkers. Visual sketches, diagrams or flow charts are great way to engage any audience.

2D Canvas

Tell me and show me some storm boards here

Models, landscapes or your next widget - see it in 3D and send it a printer
EZ 3D modeling - from idea to prototype
Upload any 3D model and customize to your personal preference.
Conojo is connected to many services providing you with prototypes and models you can customize.
Remote 3D printing access.

See It - Touch it - Build it,
Qucker models lead to faster buy in and deployment.


3D CAD Modeling

Lightweight Cad

Team 360
Keep all data and communication in one place.
Daily or weekly 360 degree feedback about your team and projects.
Project transparency for every stake holder.

Silo stories



Team 360

Live radar show all activities

A living virtual feedback loop is the closest to having your team in the same room
A integrated feedback loop as the heart of your project.
Simple to use for non experts, so your clients can make suggestion.
Team owner ship rating system gives you an easier way to measure effectiveness.

The easiest way to set into place a creative work flow is using our simple ti use feedback system.


Push Button Feedback

Anytime access to up to date client feedback

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The future of creative freelancing is here.

The way we work creatively has changed dramatically, and continues to evolve.

Going solo has great advantages and is highly empowering. The effectivenes of how a freelancers communicates remotely with teams or stakeholders, is a deciding factor of what projects you attract.

If you are choosing to be a pro Freelancer, you must set up relieable systems to communcate your ideas and work progress with clarity and ease.

To do this well, they must be agile, quick and efficient to stay ahead in a highly competitive Freelance Economy.

Simlify – Explain – Engage

Getting to the top is hard and highly competivitive. More and more creatives wanting to give it a try, at freelancing. Either full time or as a second job to supplement their income.

If you want to be champion of creative design, standing out and delivering creative products in 2D or 3D, your freelancer spirit is essential to to create inspirational products.

The freelancer spirit goes beyond ideas, it leaves the silo of isolation and focuses on  design  work that doesn’t happen in departments inside companies but in hybrid and blended teams who come together around projects.

Ready More

With Conojo you keep control in the producer seat

One Dashboard – 5 Applications

Field tested as live corporate training – improved as software for freelancers worldwide

Getting better projects – climbing steadily is Conojo’s mission.

Rush job – small or large – stand out and be remarkable – your clients will thank you and you will be the ‘Go-to-guy’ for any creative project. The product has moved on, what a client remebers is how quick you responded and how agile you were integrating new ideas and rapidly completing the task.

Good design speaks for itself – to engage your client takes skill and tools your client wants to use immediately.

Be Radical Collaborative

Conojo’s integrated feedback system is the key to get clients other Solo-Preneurs involved quickly and seamlessly

3D Printer ready

Imagine to design a product and send it to a client around the world who approves it and you will send it to mananufacturing.

Number one demand of solo workers is mobility

Access your dashboard from anywhere - connect with other freelancer - storm and meet.

On the go notification

Simplify you messaging. Get alerts and respond. Impress your client with around the clock response.

See how your team response to ideas and proposals with the 3light feedback system.

A simplified and friendly way to engage the most challenging customer or team situation. Combining the feedback with the team rating system gives power to better decisions.

Up to date messaging and viewing of projects

Brings teams closer together with viual interactions and shortens the virtual distance.

See your design in Augmented Reality

Your idea comes to live seeing it Augmented reality. Get ready to touch down.

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Do you want more than just making a good living – the Conojo platform is your tarmack to take-off to attract clients, make more money, but above all find full satisfaction in your work through agility and efficency.

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Working as an agile team, is the easiest and fastest way to show your ‘why’ and be unstoppable.