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How to develop a hacker mind set

1. Never stop learning

2. Always keep sharing

3. Always use the best tools

Hacking is a powerful form of “learning by doing,” shared by the rapidly expanding maker movement community and many creative freelancers. . Teams are learning to create the unimaginable through learning and doing.

From the Next Generation Science Standards to the White House, there is a new call for collaborative creativity.  Today’s modern languages are designed for every purpose and cratives freelancers to communicate all around the world.

Every hacker needs challenge and “hard fun” that inspires them to dig deeper and construct big ideas. Building a hands-on and interesting platform is not following trends; it honors the learning drive and spirit that is all too often crushed by endless learning curves. 

Your team makes your dream work: Conojo makes your team work in real time.

In great maker projects, hackers are connected to each other, experts, powerful ideas, and the world via the internet. Great products, great hacks are created by teams which have developed colaborative, interpersonal connection. 3D prototyping is the language used to describe best your next hack.

Be Radical Collaborative

Bring together live feedback, sharing visual assets and you have powerful team to go anywhere.

The only question: What will your team to create next?



You bring the IDEAS – We manage the software

Now you can have your own IT department

The importance how your team works together:


The hacker movement, a technological and creative learning revolution underway around the globe, has exciting and vast implications for the world of product design. New tools and technology, such as roduct design in 3D printing, “smart” materials, and programming languages are being invented at an unprecedented pace. Teams need faster access to feedback.

Conojo sends you ideas in 3D around the world – brining your teams closer into one space.

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