Integrated Online Collaboration Designed For Creative Teams

Simple Workflow Management For The Creative Process



Map out your ideas – record brainstorming sessions with Conojo’s drawing tools



Create and share wireframes, prototype sketches and make corrections directly



Shorten the feedback and review cycle through rapid engagement an accelerate



Sign off on design changes and get all stake holders faster on one page

Inspire Creativity Through Rapid Engagement

Hands On Collaboration made easy


Easy to use – yet complex enough to share the most complex prototypes.

Design And Share Workflow Diagrams


Top Questions Asked About Conojo

Who is Conojo designed for?

How does it work?

Can I try it without commitment?

Is it easy to learn?

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What support tools are available?

Become Indispensable

Feeling indispensable to your organization is a great combination of exhilaration and security. But in today’s workplace, where more and more of us feel disposable, what does it take to make yourself indispensable?

It starts with making a great name for yourself–communicating to those around you that you have the attributes of a successful person.

Using the right tools for right job is the best sign you are a master of your skill.

Making it easy for your team and your clients to communicate with you and give you honest feedback makes you a masterful collaborator.

Get Conojo and practice the law of becoming indispensable to your clients.

Use Conojo for:

Idea mapping
Workflow Presentations
Client Presentations
Layout Corrections

Any File Type

Video File

Integrated Whiteboard

Wireframe Sketches

Workflow Diagrams

Information Maps

Engenering Diagrams

Collaboration Maps

Ignite Creativity Through Easy Collaboration

How collaborative is your process?

New to design presentations or collaborative workflows?

Faster Feedback From Client Presentations


 Your Bridge To Seamless Client Presentations

Professionally present concepts, diagrams or complex prototypes.  Conojo simplifies the presentation workflow, giving content creator control how to share their work and who to involve at different stages.

Instant messaging about most immediate changes is easy and fast. Conduct quick meetings to clarify visual design components.

Easy to keep ideas and projects moving forward with Conojo’s intuitive tools. 

Share and Show 

Involve your team to get feedback or make corrections on any prototype.


Make it easy to see your creativity – with Conojo you give your clients eyes to see your creative process


Virtual Authenticity: The key to success for any virtual professional collaborator.

Take this 9 POINT TUNE UP and you will discover your strength and weaknesses in your collaboration workflow.

If you are a independent freelancer or work in a creative agency. You know the importance of communicating openly and easy. Overcoming the challenges of remote work places presents new challenges.

Take this 9 POINT TUNE UP and you will get several suggestions targeted to your specific situation, you can implement right now.

Get immediate access to the I.N.S.I.G.H.T. radar and a self guided presentation. Access the pdf and start implementing changes.

This specific formulas have been used by founder Thomas Sechehaye to train and develop hundreds of professionals in military organizations and Fortune 500 Companies,

How To Conojo?

Easy to follow quick start guide – Learn visually with EXPLAINERBOARDS