The Prototyping Sketch Tool for your whole team

(even for the one who can’t draw a straight line)

Hands On Collaboration tools to sketch out ideas or review any visual asset to power up your creative team

Now – Lowtech is sexy again!

Sketch Out Ideas

Sketching is the generative part of prototyping, the idea is to get your ideas out of your head in a more tangible.

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Upload Any File Format

Give reviewers the ability to reach agreements how to improve the work and reach the conclusion for fast imprvement.

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Share and Collaborate

Quality feedback is is an invaluable piece of the creative process. Get everyone on one page much quicker

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Conojo is an interactive wireframing and mock-up application designed to meet the needs of UX and UI freelance designers. From idea to implementation, Conojo  will get you there. Use Conojo to sketch visual assets and collaborate with clients in an instant.

When Words Are Not Enough!

Bring together live feedback, sharing visual assets and you have powerful team to go anywhere.

Invite your team to collaborate now

Support each stage of your creative project

Sketch – Review – Model – Test

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Improve your design review process.


Every designer has to answer to someone. Freelancers turn their work in to a client, company guys hand theirs over to a team or supervisor, there’s always someone next in the chain of command that gets to take a look and offer an opinion. It’s at this point that the initial draft ends and the creative review begins.

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Sketching out the revisions ensures that every stake holder walks away from from collaborative design meetings on the same page. Written notes leave too much room for misinterpretation.

By sketching your revisions, the risk of misinterpretation is reduced. And since sketching is collaborative the client can easily contribute to it.

Prototyping is a playful social way to develop your ideas.

Design Reviews visually communicate what functional pieces are present on a design and what their relationships to each other is. Go beyond Show and Tell and engage your full team.

It’s in indirect opposition to”designing ib a vacuum” or “design in an ivory tower”. It’s design with and for people.

The power of SHOW ,TELL and EXPERIENCE – go Beyond Show and Tell

Prototyping is practice for people who design and make things.

Present a project’s design to clients after each milestone to develop an organized roadmap and obtain critical feedback.

Presentation Prototype 

presentation prototype provides a visual representation of a manufactured product and a demonstration of its functionality. It typically consists of a mixture of off-the-shelf components and production-grade material to achieve a balance between design, quality, and cost efficiency. A presentation prototype is typically used to demonstrate the product’s viability before it enters mass production.

Visual Prototype

A visual prototype is designed to illustrate the product’s overall shape and dimensions. It doesn’t typically contain moving parts, and the materials in this prototype usually aren’t those that will be used to make the final product. A visual prototype may be painted to more realistically portray the final product, but it may also be presented as the raw material.

Proof of Concept

A proof-of-concept prototype demonstrates the product’s core functionality in the technical aspects of its design. It may not physically resemble the final product, since this prototype is often constructed of off-the-shelf components. Proof-of-concept prototypes rarely use production grade materials in the interest of cost savings.

Better team engagement guarantees better products

Visual – Creative engagement tools

Interactive – Collaborating in real time

Dialogue – Make team meetings personal

Verification Tools – Visually track team performance

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Not just another design tool – it is a philosophy

Without a consistent reviews you can’t test your product until you have built it

Sketches are ideas, they are there to serve as a concept for what will eventually become something. The more you can document, make notes, and describe the idea, the more of a chance that idea has to become a reality.

Manage Your Projects

  • Plan and execute projects effectively
  • Manage your account and team
  • Monitor project activity on-the-go
  • Receive real-time project alerts

Team Collaboration

  • Share notes, images and videos
  • Hold live meetings
  • Leave comments
  • Submit Feedback

Creative Collaboration

  • Whiteboard interface
  • Leave visual notes with easy-to-use drawing tools
  • Data mapping

Supported Projects

  • UI/UX Collaboration
  • Video Collaboration
  • Strategy Collaboration
  • Mobile App Collaboration

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