Workflow Management for the Freelancer

Workflow Management for the Freelancer

Freelancers routinely receive digital information from clients such as communications, content and artwork. This information requires proper organization since referencing an incorrect version or outdated communication disrupts the project workflow and makes you look bad to the client. These requirements illustrate the need for freelancers to implement some form of digital asset management (DAM).


Asset Organization  

Real Story Group defines DAM as the storage, retrieval, cataloging
and distribution of digital assets. Media asset management (MAM) is a subcategory of DAM that deals with digital media such as animations, music, photographs and videos. Systems that perform DAM include both hardware and software.

DAM systems […]

The Freelancer Movement

The creative freelancer movement is gaining steam, driving a new way of doing business. The gig economy presents itself as the next frontier for creative freelancers.

Why? The choice to be your own boss, to choose who you work with and with whom accelerates decision making and problem solving. Pushing creative ideas into unlimited heights.

Faster connecting with like minded teams is a given pre requisite. A step closer to creating at speed of light makes teams work together across borders, cultures or subject matter expertise providing a new horizon for innovative freelancers.

Becoming indispensable is what is essential for developing a Hacker […]

Getting To Yes In Your Elevator Pitch

Getting To Yes In Your Elevator Pitch

Is your elevator speech compelling? Are you giving a speech that taps into the emotional buttons of your clients?

“People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons.”

—Zig Ziglar

“Buying” does not only mean pulling out a wallet and purchasing. Buying also means buying in to your idea, proposal or solution. An elevator pitch is a mini-presentation designed for maximum impact. You have a tiny amount of time to hit the right emotional chord. How can you tell if you get it right during the pitch?

Knowing that you got it right is in a large part intuitive. It’s easier to […]