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Top 10 Secrets To Freelancing From Home

Top 10 Secrets To Freelancing From Home

Starting out as a freelancer, you may be working from home. While it saves money and eliminates commuting, there are some hidden problems to overcome – and these 10 secrets will show you how.

Here are the Top 10 Tips to guarantee success in freelancing from home:

Find Your Creative Time Zone

Unlike a corporate setting, you’re in charge of your own hours. This is awesome. And now it’s up to you to find out your most creative times.

Many freelancers like to work early in the morning. Creativity is running high. No one else is up. The […]

Developing Business Processes

Developing Business Processes

The relationship between freelancers and their clients is generally less secure than the traditional relationship between employee and employer. A contract is essential for reducing these risks, which primarily include nonpayment and legal action. A solid contract that’s firm but fair can also deal with additional problems that are common in freelancing such as scope creep and misunderstandings about deadlines.

Money Crashers advises that reviewing existing templates online is a good way to prepare for drafting a freelance contract. These templates can be highly effective at illustrating the language and essential points that you should include in your contract. You can […]

Business Presentation Tips: Little Changes For Big Success

Business Presentation Tips: Little Changes For Big Success

In business presentations, clients and prospects are listening, watching and sensing everything you say, show and do.

Skilled experts read non-verbal facial expression and body language. Perhaps you’ve seen the Fox television series: “Lie To Me.” In this series, Dr. Cal Lightman is able to decode non-verbal facial expressions and body language. He uses this system to determine if someone is lying. http://www.fox.com/lietome/

This popular show is rooted in serious science.

Researcher Dr. Paul Ekman has studied facial expressions for 50 years. His blog offers a course on ‘micro-expressions,’ the telltale signs of whether someone is telling the truth or not. http://www.paulekman.com/

Ekman was […]