Better Teams

In a time when team members and contributors are scattered across the globe, having the right collaboration tools is more and more important.

Wasting time flitting between different platforms to take care of things like project communication, design iterations, timeline, etc. takes away from what you care about most – creating great products that change the way we live our lives.

Conojo is built from the ground up to enable you to build better products with better teams, faster. This positioning concept- “Better products. Better teams. Faster.”- speaks to the three primary concerns of our target audience: the quality of their work, the quality of the people they’re working with, and the time it takes them to get to market.

These are also our core value propositions that make up the foundation of our brand platform, and are enabled by the shared quality of easy, seamless collaboration across the entire process.

Today’s technology environment is faster paced than any other time in human history. The time difference between releasing a ground-breaking innovation and a me-too product can often be measured in days or hours, not months and years.

Conojo is set up specifically with those time-frames in mind to make sure that you are working as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

A good team is paramount to successfully projects, and always has been. The key difference now is that you can draw from the talents of people all over the world to create truly life-changing products.

Conojo is set up to enable you to quickly assemble the team that is most highly qualified to complete your project in the fastest,most efficient manner possible.

While timing and team members are hugely important to successful projects, nothing matters if the end product doesn’t live up to it’s potential.

Conojo’s collaboration platform has all the tools and functionality that you need to pull off the next great innovation. Whether you’re just developing a new website or building the next great SaaS platform, our tools cut out all of the distractions and allow you to focus on building your best product.