The Freelancer Movement

The creative freelancer movement is gaining steam, driving a new way of doing business. The gig economy presents itself as the next frontier for creative freelancers.

Why? The choice to be your own boss, to choose who you work with and with whom accelerates decision making and problem solving. Pushing creative ideas into unlimited heights.

Faster connecting with like minded teams is a given pre requisite. A step closer to creating at speed of light makes teams work together across borders, cultures or subject matter expertise providing a new horizon for innovative freelancers.

Becoming indispensable is what is essential for developing a Hacker […]

Top 10 Secrets To Freelancing From Home

Top 10 Secrets To Freelancing From Home

Starting out as a freelancer, you may be working from home. While it saves money and eliminates commuting, there are some hidden problems to overcome – and these 10 secrets will show you how.

Here are the Top 10 Tips to guarantee success in freelancing from home:

Find Your Creative Time Zone

Unlike a corporate setting, you’re in charge of your own hours. This is awesome. And now it’s up to you to find out your most creative times.

Many freelancers like to work early in the morning. Creativity is running high. No one else is up. The […]

7 Questions To Skyrocket Success and Escape The 9-5 Forever

7 Questions To Skyrocket Success and Escape The 9-5 Forever

Whether you’re new to freelancing or have been working for years, you’ll get more clients and build your business faster when you’re asking the right questions.  Asking these 7 questions boosts your confidence, focuses your work, and inspires people to work with you.

Here are seven questions to ask that will help you escape the grind of 9-5 once and for all.

1.Do You Know Your “Why?”

In an extremely popular TED talk, Simon Sinek describes the power of knowing why you are doing what you do. A clear “Why” is the seed for exceptional success. It does wonders for […]