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 September 4th, 2018

9 am PDT

4 P Prototyping Plan

Learn the 4 steps essential to plan and execute your next project. It all starts with an idea, the planning process is a core exercise in product development to see if your idea is a win or a flop. Rapid prototyping depends on quick decision making. Learning how to make the potential of your idea is the first step to creating a succelul design work flow.

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 October 2nd 2018

9 am PDT

How to give creative feedback

Based in the expeiental learning cycle we have created a simple yet powerful system to give feedback. Understand what steps are required to heard and what is necessary to inspire input. Giving feedback is what brings teams closer, establishing a stucture which can be repeated makes it easier and sfes time.

Suitable for beginner level

 Novemeber 2nd, 2018

9 am PDT

Smart Idea Radar

Undersatnding the 5 milestones of the Idea Radar helps you quickly to see the impact and effectiveness of your idea and team process. This an essentila exercise for creative teams to get quickly on the same page. The created radar chart helps to measure the various aspects needed for prototyping.

Suitable for beginner level

 December 4th, 2018

9 am PDT

How to use stormboards

Learn a strategic brainstorming technique for your whole team. Use this with virtual teams as well as inhouse teams. Stormboards record any idea and qulaily them according to established criteias. This execrcise is best used with existing teams to facilitate decision making in the prototyping process

Suitable for beginner level

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