Meet The Team

Folks who created this awesome product


Thomas Sechehaye


As the founder of Conojo, Thomas brings together the unique ability to see that complexity depends on simplicity. Bringing together multiple disciplines as an Executive Coach and Communication Trainer he has also been an active product designer. His vision for Conojo is how to make a simple application and Creative can use.


Milly Sonneman

Founder - Creative Director

Milly is no stranger to bringing groups together, as a facilitator and coach she has worked with teams virtually and in the board room. Her skill to translate complex messages into actionable slogans makes any business venture transparent any actionable. She authored several books, from which ‘Beyond Words’ a guide to drawing out ideas is a primer for any visual thinker to rapidly express ideas.



Business Relations

Avesh manages all virtual teams. “Working with creative teams is a real passion”, he says – as you need to respect any creatives idea. yet sometimes timelines and milestones need to be reached. His strength is to find a new perspective, whenever there seems to be an unsolvable bottleneck.