S.E.E. Systems

The Power of Collbaorative Engagement

Conojo has developed a series of e-learning systems and hands-on interactive tools during the last five years. Our educational products apply the SEE system, which stands for Simplify, Explain and Engage. They also combine visual thinking with adult learning principles to provide training based on the client’s needs.

Beginning 2016 we eliminated all titles - being as a start-up we are equal witht he skin in the game - 
so we gave everybody working with our team the title Responsible Person.

Conojo Team Sausalito, California


Founded and manages all teams.

Thomas Sechehaye

Responsible Person - Founder and Producer

2015-11-04 12.10.18

Communication and allother stuff

Milly Sonneman

Responsible Person - Communications


Full stack – mobile development – 3D – Augumented reality

David H. Xiu

Responsible Person - Full Stack Developer

  1. Conojo Team New Delhi, India


Branding and marketing

2020 Marketing Team

Responsible People - Marketing and Branding

Business People Meeting Discussion Working Concept

Branding and marketing

Dana Rosen

Responsible Person - Administrative Assitance


Founded and manages all teams.

Lalit Sharma

Responsible Person - Product Owner